SFV bjuder en av Sveriges Film och Videoförbunds unga medlemmar, (18-25), till “Young UNICA” filmworkshop 8-16 augusti 2020 i Birmingham UK. Maila senast 16 februari vem du är, varför du vill åka och sänd din kortfilm i sprend eller wetransfer till aase.hogfeldt@sfvforbund.se och film@sverigeskortfilmfestival.se
Läs brevet här nedanför från UNICAs Styrelse om inbjudan
“YouNG UNICA Workshop” in Birmingham, United Kingdom from SATURDAY August  8  to Sunday august 16   2020 ANOTHER GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUNG PEOPLE TO BE PART OF UNICA!

Dear film friends,
In 2019, at the UNICA Congress in The Netherlands, an international group of young people congregated to share their love of filmmaking and learn more. Their excitement, co-operation and energy was shared with the older members of Congress who saw and appreciated the films made during the week. There were 22 talented young people present, from 16 different countries. If you are wondering why you should send a young author to the YUW, read the feedback later in this letter.

We ask ALL Member Organisations to send ONE young author to Birmingham! It will happen even if there is a Brexit; at this stage it is very unlikely that visas will be required!

The more nationalities represented, the greater value the experience has for the participants … and the more word about UNICA gets spread!

Target group: Young authors minimum age 18 maximum age 25! The YUW participants need to speak and understand English! UNICA WILL PAY 50% of the Congress card for ONE participant per country! The other 50%of the Congress card plus costs for meals and travel is offered by the National Organisation.

The OFFER for the YOUNG UNICA WORKSHOP 2020 in Birmingham:

  • Accommodation with breakfast will be provided for one participant per country. The congress card will provide some meals during the week.
  • Workshop instructors are Alastair Owen and Jakob Wehrman. They are co-founders of a postproduction company ‘edelbytes’ systems. Alastair is currently teaching a graduate Screen Based Media course in Berlin. Jakob works as DoP for Feature Film, Documentary and Commercial Productions.
  • Arrival Saturday August 8th. Departure Sunday August 16th
  • Workshop starts Sunday August 9th; the instructors will guide the participants in the whole process of making a film, from concept to screening; the detailed content of the Workshop will be published later. The participants will collaborate and produce a film/s that will be screened at the end of the week in the cinema, for the UNICA Audience.
  • We ask participants to bring their own or borrowed camera and laptop with editing software.

Read what Eleanor thought of her experience with the UNICA Youth in Zeist Netherlands 2019

My Trip to UNICA

On August the 24th, at 5 o’clock in the morning, I was on my way to East Midlands airport for my plane to Amsterdam. It was the day of UNICA and I had mixed feelings of excitement and nerves, mainly because I had never travelled alone before and I was worried that I would end up in the wrong country, but also because I was meeting 22 new people. However, when I arrived at Utrecht train station, my worries and doubts were put to rest. It was there where I met the first participant of Young UNICA, Cheen. Coincidence or not, we became good friends for the rest of the festival. After a while, the remaining participants arrived and we set off to the hostel to get changed for the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony displayed a mixed variety of performances, such as a laser light show and local dance groups from the town Zeist- it was definitely a night to remember. We then all got a chance to meet and chat to each other at the opening banquet. It was there I learned everybody’s name and what country they came from. From my small village in the UK to a fancy hotel in Zeist with filmmakers from across the globe, it felt like a surreal dream. I had never experienced something quite like this before. After the tiring first day of travels and the opening ceremony, we began our classes at the Hotel of Figi.
We began our first day of UNICA by looking at the narrative structures of films and what makes a good and successful story. I found this particularly interesting, as it made me think of films I enjoyed and why they chose their specific narrative structures. For instance, I thought about the film, Lost Highway (David Lynch, 1997), which has a non-linear narrative and how it’s unconventional structure, aids the telling of the story. We then moved onto the process of creating groups. I had volunteered to be team leader, so other participants had to make the decision whether to join my group or not. In the end, three members of Young UNICA joined my group, Alex, Cheen and Liam. We then chose our roles; my role in the group project was the Director! We had all joined together through our common interest in the gothic genre and dark storytelling, which we had all chatted about previously.

The second day of UNICA we worked on developing our stories, as well as studying the layout and structure of screenplays. All our films had to follow the theme of “visualising change.” Many might interpret this theme as something positive, but my group decided to take an alternative approach and to create a dark storyline, which as mentioned previously we all enjoyed exploring. To summarise, our short film followed the story of a young man drinking a black drink to escape his everyday life. After drinking the black drink, he is transformed into a dream world, where the young man watches himself dancing in a weird and bizarre fashion. Not long after we are introduced to his imagination, the dream shifts to a twisted nightmare and results in him screaming to wake up! Highlighting the message that not all ‘change’ is good and that escapism is not always the best answer.

The third day of UNICA was very different, as we went on an all-day excursion. We began our day on an old steam train, which took us through the fields of Holland. Since arriving in the Netherlands, I had not yet seen the traditional side of the country. Therefore, it was really captivating to see the flat pastoral landscapes, as well as traditional bikes I had only seen in films. We then went on a boat, where we had lunch, to travel to an open-air museum. We got to walk around an old village, which appeared frozen in time. What I found most intriguing about the preserved town, was how small the houses were! I had never seen anything like it. It was incredibly interesting! Finally, we finished the day by dining in an exquisite restaurant by the sea.

The fourth day of UNICA was one of my favourites, as we focused on the two elements of filmmaking which I find most interesting- directing actors and creating shot lists. During the section of the day where we practiced directing actors, we had two participants stand up in front of the class and act out a simple scenario. It was then our job to give them instructions, so they could act the scene out efficiently. I absolutely loved this, and couldn’t keep my hand down! I felt that by the end of the lesson, I had learned so much about directing actors, as it wasn’t a module we had particularly focused on at university, where I studied Film and Media Production. I then spent the rest of the day creating the shot list for the film. I used my experience at university to create a shot list that fitted our dark and gothic storyline. I love putting together camera angles, therefore found the process quite fun!

The fifth day of UNICA was the day of filming! After spending the whole evening choreographing the dance scene in the cinema and making sure the preparation for production was complete. We were ready to shoot.Our first scene was to be filmed in the cinema at the Figi Hotel and because there were to be screenings there all day, we had to get up extremely early to film. Then our second scene was filmed in the hotel’s restaurant, which meant we had to be quick and efficient when filming, so that it didn’t clash with the serving of lunch. The day of filming went particularly fast, as it always does, and as a whole, the filming process went extremely well.

The sixth day of UNICA was the day of editing. Unlike the day of filming, the editing process didn’t go as well. The laptop we were editing on kept crashing and the software kept breaking down, so we didn’t have as much time as we wanted to edit. As a result, I felt that many things were missing from our film, such as a layered sound design and good colour correction. As well as this, I felt that we could have used more time to refine our cut. Even so, I was still proud of what me and my group had created and the process was incredibly fun!

The seventh day was here, the day of showing our films at the UNICA closing ceremony. Nerves ran through the whole of the Young UNICA group, as we were worried whether the audiences of UNICA would enjoy our films. But I can say with full confidence that they did! In fact, all the films got a big cheer at the end. As well as this, I also received a bronze medal at the closing ceremony for a film I had made last summer, which was nominated in the festival- Here Lies Adelia Hughes. I was greatly surprised with my award, as I wasn’t expecting the committee of UNICA to enjoy the film so much.

The closing ceremony banquet was a great way to say good-bye and to exchange contact details. We took lots of pictures and gave each other gifts. My friend Mia, who was one my roommates in the hostel, gave me a necklace and a photo album of dolphins which her Mother had taken. I know I will keep these presents in my memory box for life. Finally, it was the day of saying our good-byes and emotions were running high. It was incredibly hard to say farewell to people I had worked incredibly close with and spent so much time with for the past week. However, I know that I will keep in touch with every single person. Moreover, I have also been able to make connections for life, with people all over the world, which is a great start to my career in film and T.V. My trip as a whole has been a massive learning experience, as I now know I can travel abroad on my own. It was also something incredibly different, as I had never worked with 22 people from 16 different countries before, and I don’t think I will ever experience something like this again. I was very lucky, as I know not many people will get to part take in opportunity like that. By taking part in the Young UNICA, I believe my confidence has increased, as I have achieved something that, at first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do. I also have gained the skill of adapting to new environments when making films, which I know will be very beneficial for me in my future career. I would recommend the scheme to anybody interested in working in film. I will treasure the memories created at UNICA for the rest of my life, as well as the friendships made. Eleanor Smith