Besök filmfestivalerna i Karlovac 17 – 21 Juni

Information från festivalen:
The 19th Youth Film Festival and the 7th Four River Film Festival in Karlovac, Croatia from June 17 to 21!

This year the festivals will last one day longer than in previous years so the organizers decided to introduce a fifth category for the film competition. The fifth category will belong to dance film, which is an ideal opportunity for you, creators of Happy videos.

“There is no child, mom, dad, grandma or grandpa who is not familiar with the recent Happy initiative which united the world and once again showed that happiness can be found in little things. On the International Day of Happiness the media were full of videos for Pharrell Williams’s dance hit in the streets of London, Berlin, Sydney, but also Split and Dubrovnik and other cities. There was a strange blend of tradition and modern lifestyle, the young and the old rejoiced together, and all the videos have reflected a passionate love for dance, laughter and life.”

Namn: The 19th Youth Film Festival, the 7th Four River Film Festival
Plats: Karlovac, Croatia.
Datum för visning: June 17 to 21, 2014.

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